Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority

Target Market:
• Non Profit

Workplace Issues:
New Construction

• Filing
Conference Rooms

Herman Miller
• Mayline
• SitOnIt

Project Team:
Kathy Brown, Sales
Bob Stoffregen, Project Management
Sara Geyer, Interior Design
Davena McCabe, Customer Service

“The process from start to finish was excellent.  The team of professionals at SupplySource heavily involved themselves into our project – understood our needs – and supported and guided us through a very detailed and time-consuming process. Their knowledge and expertise served as an invaluable resource.” 

- Christine Weigle, of LCWSA


The Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority was at a critical point in their history.  Their administrative area did not have the available space to function efficiently with their ever-growing staff, and new regulations were requiring the existing administrative space to be repurposed for treatment-related activities.  Important records needing to be found quickly were spread throughout the plant site, in a filing system that was inefficient at best.  Safety issues of the public visiting the office at the treatment plant were also a cause for concern, and the smell wasn’t a pleasant one.

As part of its strategic plan, the LCWSA decided it was time to build a new administrative building, not too far from their old one.  The land was developed to accommodate a south facing building to harvest sunlight in winter and offer shade in summer, and many environmentally-conscious elements were added, including passive solar and LED lighting.  In order to achieve their vision to be recognized and respected as a premier water and sewer operation, they knew their furnishings were the next thing that would set them apart.  

The LCWSA director and her team worked with SupplySource’s professionals.  Together they chose quality furniture with fabrics and finishes that enhanced the building’s design and functionality.  SupplySource’s interior space designer, with input from the project manager, created a furniture layout within the structural design constraints to ensure comfortable workflow and to comply with building codes.  

Through ergonomics and space-planning, the SupplySource team was able to develop a design that served their purposes and furthered the LCWSA mission.  From offices to conference rooms, future growth and current issues were accounted for.  The record-keeping problem was solved by centralizing and organizing it with high quality filing systems.  A wide array of manufacturers was used throughout the project, including Herman Miller, Global, SitOnIt, and Mayline.


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